The Silk Road To Peace, - Persian Gardens, Past, Present & Future
Presenters: Negar Badri and Jorg Ostrowski
Saturday May 31, 7-9 pm
University of Alberta, Business Building, Room 1-5

This presentation will span the ~3,000 year history of Persian Gardens from the past to the future, to bring meaning to Canadians in the present.

Jorg Ostrowski (1) will first give background to the Silk Road to Peace project (1-5) take us on a short historical, archaeological and modern trip to several outstanding Persian Gardens that his international team visited last fall and conclude the presentation with a proposal and plan of action for a more sustainable future for all. A tiny and portable Persian Garden will be shown during the evening.

Ms. Negar Badri (2) will then outline the main elements in the pattern language of Persian Gardens in Iran, - its landscape design and architectural plans with references to various countries. She will also honour relevant work of others and give a glimpse of their work.

1) Jorg Ostrowski, M. Arch. A.S. (MIT) , B. Arch. (University of Toronto),

Jorg has a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto. He did post graduate work at MIT in Boston. In 1972 he designed a brave new plan for a dilapidated Toronto Waterfront, transforming a brownfield into a "people place", based on recycling 40 ha of land and transplanting grassroots and pedestrian architecture. The federal government of Canada hired him as the first consultant to design future plans for what eventually became Harbourfront, one of the first sustainable and most successful waterfronts in North America. Elements of that plan, such as the multi-purpose trail and greenhouses, were transferred to initiatives in China and Iran. The Silk Road of Peace fellowship gave rise to a ~200 year project to recofit 2 to 6 caravanserai and Persian Gardens by 2020 and initiate and promote, plan and develop, the Marco Polo Trail, the longest heritage trail in the world, from Istanbul to Beijing. His work since 1972 has received public recognition through 6 awards, 130 articles (worldwide), 22 reports, 60 conference papers, 20 TV/Radio interviews, 300 partnerships, 5-demonstration projects and about 200,000 visitors.

2) Ms. Negar Badri: M. A. Energy and Architectural Engineering

Ms. Bari has a Master degree in Energy and Architectural Engineering from Universities in Tabriz and Tehran, Iran. She is co-author of several papers on various topics, including energy efficiency, roof shapes, solar chimneys, ventilation, climate and vernacular architecture in Iran. She has been working on the Silk Road to Peace project for 5 months, expanded the international team, and has given presentations on Caravanserai and Persian Gardens along the Silk Road in Iran, with other members of the team.

 When: Saturday May 31, 7-9 pm

Where: Business Building, Room 1-5